Photo Credit: Old Dominion University

Why a Hashtag Campaign?


In an effort to raise awareness of the contributions of women in the military, help change the narrative of what a woman veteran looks like, and encourage the reunification process, HER Story, Inc. runs the #WomanWarriorWednesday Campaign across multiple social media platforms.

Each Wednesday, we feature a military woman and highlight her inspirational story in her own words. These stories range in topics from experiences prior to service and adversities overcome while she served to relationships and post-military success.

Through this campaign, we are amplifying the voices of women veterans across the country and providing them a platform from which to speak.  To follow along and encourage our sisters as they speak their truths, use #WomanWarriorWednesday on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Submission Guidelines

If you are a military woman and would like to submit a story for consideration with the #WomanWarriorWednesday Social Media Campaign, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Tell us your personal story of service and sacrifice. The story can be about when you were in service, why you joined, your transition from the military, or life as a woman veteran post-service. What do you want to share? What do you wish you had known before hand?
  2. The story should be between 500-750 words.
  3. We will edit for grammar and punctuation, but please try your best to make your story as neat as possible, we aren’t perfect either!
  4. Remember, if selected, your story will be online for anyone and everyone to read. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your story and putting your face and name with it, please do not submit it. The last thing we want to do is publish a story you aren’t fully ready to share!
  5. Attach a picture of yourself to the article. It can be one from when you were in service, a more recent photo, or both!
  6. Once you have your article and photo(s) ready, please email them to herstory@womenvets.org. In the email, please state, “I ______ give HER Story, Inc. permission to use my story and photo(s) on their blog, as well as feature them with their #WomanWarriorWednesday Social Media Campaign.”


**Failure to follow any of the steps may result in the exclusion of your story. 

If your story is selected for publication, we will email you to let you know when it will go live!