Our Mission


What We Do

We desire to honor the service of women veterans by empowering them to openly share their stories so that their sacrifices are remembered.  

How We Do This

We honor the service and sacrifice women veterans have made to our country. We do this by recognizing that every woman veteran’s journey is as unique as she is. Further, we seek to ensure our sisters are equipped with the tools and resources needed to live healthy, happy, and wholeheartedly following their military service. 

We empower women veterans to achieve their full potential through a four-step process:

1. Encourage the unification of the woman veteran identity

2. Provide women veterans a safe environment in which to share their stories

3. Connect women veterans to necessary resources 

4. Engage with the community in the reunification process

We remember the service and sacrifices of women veterans and encourage others to do so as well.

· 2.2 million women have served in the military

· Women make up 10% of the veteran population

· Women veterans are the fastest grown demographic

Why We Do This

We faced unique challenges when transitioning from the military and, not unlike other veterans, struggled with adjusting to civilian life. This adjustment is compounded as a woman veteran in that many services  and programs are designed with male veterans in mind. After years of experience, research, and collaboration, we have developed programs tailored to women veterans. We do this to ensure our sisters-in-arms return home, too.