Turning the Page

Women Warriors' Writing Seminar/Workshop

Our landmark program, Turning the Page, is a process-oriented nonfiction/ creative writing course. This course can be offered as a single session seminar or it can be extended into a four-week series workshop . This program is  designed by women veterans specifically for women who have served, or are currently serving, their country. During this program, women service members/veterans will be empowered to share their own narrative while in a safe environment. With the guidance of our program facilitator, participants will learn to articulate their own stories and develop a written piece throughout the workshop. While we encourage the sharing of stories throughout the program, we respect the journey of each participant. Thus, participants are not required to share their piece at the conclusion of the  seminar or workshop.

Sometimes the sound of our voice surprises us, yet at other times it is the words that erupt from our soul and permeate from within that cause us to take pause. It is only when we are able to own our stories - speak our truth -  that true healing can begin. Whether At HER Story, Inc., we believe in the therapeutic power of narrative exploration. We have experienced transformation through the sharing of our own stories and want to equip other women veterans with the tools to experience the their own transformation.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all the women veterans and women veteran supporters who contributed to the development of this program.

We strive to deliver this program free of charge to the participants. We are only able to do so because of the generous support of our sponsors and individual donors. Click here if you would like to help.